The ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Serbia Arne Sannes Bjornstad visited Leskovac yesterday and on that occasion he talked to the Mayor of the City of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic.

The two interlocutors agreed that cooperation between Serbia and Norway is at a good level.

In addition to this, as it was said on this occasion, the South of Serbia and Leskovac can boast that the Kingdom of Norway is one of the major donors.

With the help of Norway, Leskovac got the new building of Higher Business School of Professional Studies, in which 2.5 million Euros was invested and in 2014 a renovated building of the Basic Court in Leskovac was opened,  in whose reconstruction and renovation Norway invested over one million Euros.

Prior to that, the ambassador of Norway handed in the press of high pressure for baling recyclable raw materials and the scales for measuring bales to PUC ‘Jedinstvo’ in Bojnik.