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The mayor of Leskovac Goran Cvetanovic PhD and the district head chief Milos Cvetanovic visited the production halls of Jeanci company in the presence of company owners Jasin Daniz and Tanir Bujukcana.

Turkish company Jeanci has been doing business in Leskovac since 2010 in an object which belonged to former Letex.

Since 2012 until today, Jeanci has broadened its production capacities and increased the number of employees.

With the intention of continuing successful business, in October 2018, they leased the former “Sintetika” facility in whose reconstruction the government of the Republic of Serbia invested 192 million of dinars.

The mayor visited the “Sintetika” building where there are 950 employees working in two shifts. 250.000 euro was invested in the reconstruction and approximately 800.000 euro in the purchase of machines. On the occasion the mayor talked about the final date of opening the production premises and the further cooperation between the Turkish investors and local self-government.