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The Mayor of Leskovac Goran Cvetanovic visited the Republika Srpska on Monday, February 16, where he met with the businessman Slobodan Pavlovic.

On this occasion they visited the construction site of the aqua park in Slobomir, which is located between Bogatic and Bijeljina.

The aim of the visit was to discuss the further collaboration.

Pavlovic bridge, supporting wall, university, bank, ‘Nikola Tesla’ Club, Internet, radio and TV station, heliport have been built in Slobomir so far, and the Mayor Cvetanovic visited together with the host the factory ‘Zitopromet’ in Bijeljina as well.

Today in the Republika Srpska Pavlovic has a number of companies, out of which ‘Zitopromet’ and ‘Pavlovic bank’ are the ones that operate best.

Slobodan Pavlovic began the construction of the city Slobomir two decades ago.

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